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Laikipia County is a tourism goldmine and a leading wildlife tourism destination. At the heart of this county is Nanyuki town a preferred choice for investors and travelers alike. Strategically positioned between Meru and Nyeri Counties, Nanyuki has experienced tremendous growth that makes it an ideal destination for holidaymakers and business people.

Some notable landmarks include the British Army Training In Kenya, the equator marker, wildlife conservancies and most recently, the revamped Nairobi-Nanyuki metre gauge railway. Thanks to its diverse hospitality, Nanyuki continues to attract major high-end housing development projects.

As Nanyuki celebrates 100 years of existence, the town is positioned to grow even further in the coming years.

Activities you can undertake while in Nanyuki

📌 Olpejeta Game drive.
📌 A day Hike to Mount Kenya
📌 Hiking and nature expedition in Ngare Ndare Forest
📌 A visit to Mau Mau caves
📌 A day trip to Samburu game reserves
📌 Ol jogi conservancy
📌 Ilpolei..Masaai cultural center & beadworks.
📌 You can even have an hour and a half scenic drive to Meru Town
📌 A stop at the Equator
📌 Loldaiga Conservancy
📌 Trout Tree Restaurant
📌 Activities at Chaka Ranch